“World class public education, a vibrant economy, a healthier environment, efficient transportation — these are the essential ingredients to making our Baltimore County even stronger. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all of us to work toward goals like job creation, smart planning that protects our natural treasures, and public education that gets our kids ready for college, the workforce, and the economy of the future.”  — Izzy

IZZY PATOKA is a parent, a planner, and public servant who has worked in business, civic life, and at the highest levels of state, county, and local government to bring people together on behalf of making his community and county better places to live, work, and raise a family. A community leader and tireless advocate he has worked with elected officials, business leaders, clergy, and civic organizations on behalf of the priorities that matter to Baltimore County, including public education; a stronger economy; affordable health care; efficient transportation, public safety and a healthier environment. 

A planner by training, Izzy believes that Baltimore County’s beauty, character and vitality are shaped by both our suburban and rural character — and the ways in which we are successful at carefully balancing our population centers with our important commercial centers. As a champion of using community engagement to drive improvements in quality of life issues, Izzy believes strongly that Baltimore County’s long established Urban Rural Demarcation Line should continue to be a strong guide for maintaining our County’s diverse land use character. 

Izzy not only stands up for the values we share, he has a track record of getting things done. He founded Baltimore’s Office of Neighborhoods, because our neighborhoods and communities are where progress happens.  For eight years he served Governor Martin O’Malley as his chief liaison to community leaders both in and out of government; a role for which Izzy earned the reputation as a bridge builder and problem solver; someone who was able to bring people together from all walks of life, even folks who did not always agree on everything.  He continued his work building bridges at LifeBridge Health — where he serves as Director of Community Development.

Izzy and his wife Denise have a 16 year old son, Rory. They are members of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation and live in Sudbrook Park.